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James Hamilton vs Dean Tucker – A Naked Kombat Mud Match

by Kink Men ~ April 18th, 2011
Dean Tucker vs James Hamilton

Image Courtesy of NakedKombat

In this update Naked Combat welcomes James Hamilton and Dean Tucker to the arena in an extremely messy mud match. Dean is normally a real sweetheart but he’s all business when he steps on to the wrestling mat. He spent some time kick boxing in college so he has some skills and a few favorite moves that he relies on. James Hamilton is more of the street brawler tough guy type and while he may not possess the technical skills of a seasoned pro, his strength and determination make him a formidable opponent. This was a hard fought match that was close from the opening bell. We saved the best for the last round when James and Dean really got down and dirty. By the end of the match they were so covered in mud that it was hard to tell them apart. So who came out on top and who ended up as the bottom? We’re not going to spoil this epic mud match for you so you’ll just have to get your pass and find out for yourself. But be warned, when you’re sitting in the front row you might want to wear a poncho!

Brock Armstrong vs Tober Brandt

by Kink Men ~ June 3rd, 2009
Brock Armstrong vs Tober Brandt

Picture Courtesy of NakedKombat

This week’s Naked Kombat update is sure to please all you nude wrestling fans. The muscular Brock Armstrong steps foot on the mat to take on the notorious Bound Gods dom Tober Brandt. Brock was a bit naive and cocky as he came to the match as a former state champ wrestler. He was looking forward to seeing Tober attempt to defeat him with refined grappling skills. Tober has worked as a bouncer and he’s no slouch himself. He wasn’t exactly worried about what Brock had done in the past. Brock and Tober both had a super competitive nature about them which always makes for great action on the mat. They didn’t spend much time feeling each other out and it seemed to get personal right away. As the match progressed, we had no idea who would take the trophy in this heated contest between proven method and rebellious disregard.

John Stone vs Spencer Reed – The Oil Match

by Kink Men ~ May 25th, 2009
John Stone vs Spencer Reed

Picture Courtesy of Naked Kombat

In this Naked Kombat Oil Match, the tenacious John Stone was pitted against good old boy Spencer Reed. We always thought of Spencer as the shy, quiet type but not anymore! He has some collegiate wresting experience and it served him well in this match even though it was probably the first time he’s ever wrestled in oil. Spencer was dominating his opponent early but John wasn’t about to tap out. John was a spirited fighter and he surprised everyone with a couple of his moves, including Spencer. Would John be able to find a way to defeat Spencer in the final round or would his opponent’s craftiness and the oil slicked mat be too much to overcome?

Jimmie Slater vs Shane Erickson

by Kink Men ~ May 19th, 2009
Jimmie Slater vs Shane Erickson

Image Capture from Naked Kombat Hi-Def Movie

Shayne Erickson is ripped to shreds and he was looking forward to taking on Naked Kombat newcomer Jimmie Slater. Shayne has experience in Korean martial arts along with kickboxing which makes him a formidable opponent on the mat. Jimmie has some past wrestling experience and he was sure it would be enough to bring him a victory. Shayne was off to a good start and got some nice takedowns but Jimmie was putting up one hell of a fight. After a few rounds full of humiliation and brutal wrestling, Jimmie and Shayne had no trouble keeping their dicks hard during the entire 3rd period. But it wasn’t until the final sex round that we got to see what had been on both of their minds the entire match.